Call for Submissions for Anthology

Name Change: Stories of Identity & Transformation

The amount of power given over one’s own name—to wield, change and declare it—speaks to the reach of individual liberties in any given society at any point of history. 


Writers Amabel Kylee Síorghlas and Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke are creating and publishing an anthology: Name Change: Stories of Identity & Transformation. We seek original creative nonfiction essays, poems, and B&W Images/Art about the decision to change one's given name—first, middle, or last name (or all three)—as well as the outcome of implementing the change, especially the social, societal, and identity shifts related to that decision.

We seek diverse voices to share poignant stories of choosing a new name in order to better suit personality or life purpose, to fully inhabit gender or sexual identity, to assimilate into a new culture, as a rite of passage and personal growth, for spiritual purposes, for activist reasons, or for love and marriage, and the list goes on. The reasons for choosing a new name are vast and deep, wrought with intense introspection, leading to significant personal transformation.

Amabel Kylee Síorghlas has an MFA in poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a longtime writer and educator. Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke is an entrepreneur, activist, and poet.

Submission Guidelines for Name Change: Stories of Identity & Transformation:

Originality & Copyright: All work should be original. Author must retain rights of previously published work.  

Deadline: Submissions received by January 31, 2020 will receive preferential review. 

  • Please use a common font like Cambria or Times New Roman 12-point font and one-inch margins. 
  • On the first page, please include a centered title at the top, and include your full name and email address also centered on the line just below the title.
  • If submission is more than one page, please include page numbers on your document, with your name next to the page number in the header.
  • Poetry: 1–3 poems totaling no more than 6 pages (and shorter is just fine!).
  • Creative nonfiction essays: limit story length to 18 double-spaced pages (and shorter is just fine!).
  • Images: 1–3 images of original artwork or photography in high quality jpeg, tiff, pdf, or png.
  • To submit in multiple genres, please fill out a new form. 
  • Please include a short bio in your cover letter.
  • $6.50 reading fee 

Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the book when it is published. Authors may be invited to a celebratory reading (location and date TBA) following publication. 

Name Change: Stories of Identity & Transformation